Coil Mesh

A high quality expanded galvanised or stainless steel mesh for use primarily as anti-cracking reinforcement in the construction of brick and block masonry. Coil Mesh is available in a variety of widths to suit most wall constructions and is supplied coiled for ease of handling. Additional applications include strengthening cornices, low walls and balconies over door and window openings.

Galvanised steel to BSEN 10327-DX51D+Z275.

High quality stainless steel to BSEN 10088-2-1.4301.

Ordering information
Specify from the range of widths offered in the table above to suit the particular brick or blockwork used. If stainless steel is required add ‘SS’ to the product reference i.e. CM64/20/SS.

Galvanised Product Reference Use Width(mm) Length of Coil Product Reference Stainless steel Use
CM64/20 Internal 64 20 CM64/20 SS External
CM114/20 Internal 114 20 CM114/20 SS External
CM178/20 Internal 178 20 CM178/20 SS External
CM229/20 Internal 229 20 CM229/20 SS External
CM305/20 Internal 305 20 CM305/20 SS External